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Stair way of Memories

My first art-in-residence for “Shibukawa Art Rela 2023,” which took place from February to March in Ikaho, Shibukawa, Gunma Pref., Japan. Ikaho is a renowned hot spring town in Japan, with a history dating back for centuries. Focusing on Ikaho as a “place to pass on individual memories,” I interviewed 15 locals on their sentiments regarding Ikaho, and expressed their feelings as a stone stairway, a symbol of Ikaho. 

The works are made of 15 pieces of fabric. The letters on the stairway are the spoken words of the 15 locals in interviews. After expressing the silhouettes of each person in letters, the letters were designed randomly to resemble people passing by on the stairway. 

The color of the letters is the same as that of the stone itself.


The identity of Ikaho is the accumulation of the memories of millions of people throughout the course of its long history. The stairway, built with memories, evokes the history of the locals and harkens viewers back to their memories.


Ver és Emlékezet

The "Horse and Art Research Program" took place in Barnag, a village in Veszprém county, Hungary. In this unique program, I interacted with horses daily and created artwork in the residency.

This artwork expresses the relationship between people and horses and their memories inherited from generation to generation. When I rode a horse, I felt its breath and heartbeat like blood vessels or tree roots crawling on the ground. It might be memories carved into their genes and the history they have accumulated with people. The conceptual artwork expresses make felt the existence of the horse.

The title of the work means blood and memory in Hungarian.

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