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I have engaged in the media/education industry in Japan and the UK, cooperating with local municipalities to promote regional revitalization. This experience has contributed to my continued interest and passion for people-to-people communication.


My primary focus is creating visual art and installations by engaging in memory-evoking dialogues with various peoples. Elicitation of an individual’s memories is often a difficult undertaking, not only because these memories are sacrosanct to the individual but also because they are prone to sudden changes from outside factors such as one’s personal values, surrounding environment, and relationships with others.


For me, dialogue has proven to be an effective means for invoking one’s memories. My hope is to grasp the deeper meanings and intrinsic values hidden within these exchanges to express memories in a manner free of any preconceived paradigms. 


Member of the Society of Catholic Artists SCA, the UK

MSc Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management

University of Surrey - Surrey, United Kingdom​

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan

MA in Language and Society (Art History)

Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo, Japan

Basic Design


Assisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2023, Assisi, Italy(2023)

Shibukawa Art Rela 2023  Group Exhibitions, Gunma Pref., Japan (2023)


​Dissertation: Reformulation of cultural identity in the disaster-stricken area--the role of art festivals: A case in the Tohoku region, Japan. (2019)


​Central Saint Martins the University of the Arts London, Illustration  Short Course Group Exhibitions, London (2010,2013)



Inclusive Artists Residency Program: HUB Lab. AIR, Okayama, Japan (Nov 2023)

Micro Art Workation 2023 (MAW2023) Shizuoka, Japan (Nov 2023)

Arte Studio Ginestrelle & Writing residency, Assisi, Italy (Sep 2023)

Horse and Art Research Program, Barng, Hungary(July 2023)

Shibukawa Art Rela 2023, Gunma Pref., Japan (Mar-Feb 2023)


Ikaho is filled with art. (2023, February 26). Jomo Shimbun, p.20.


Forming People's Memories through artwork. (2023, March 21). Jomo Shimbun, p.9.  

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