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My Precious Child

-Who am I ?-  This question is a proposition of utmost significance to many, with “parents” emerging as a constant across individuals. Childhood memories are crucial to establish one's sense of self, and parents in particular bear a monumental influence on the creation of personal identity. In this sense, one might say that the mutal relationship between child and parent is like that of a mirror reflecting both parties.

I have created portraits that illustrate individuals “in their current state” and “how their parents wanted them to be”. By posing questions regarding  the subjects' parents, I was able leverage their words to recreate their memories in visual form. Some portraits were created using only words and contained no personally identifiable information (e.g., family structure, place of residence, or other proper nouns). What experiences have shaped these individuals into whom they are today? These portraits offer a fragment of their memories.


God is here

The total number of Catholics in Japan is said to be only 450,000. I was raised in a Catholic family in my hometown Maebashi City, Gunma Pref. Being baptized as a Catholic as an infant, I have felt close to God as a Christian from an early age.

It is considered to be taboo to talk about religion in Japan. This is because Japanese media have reported on religion in a negative light, purporting it as a damaging construct rather than a part of our culture. In this sense, I feel displeased with Japan's perspective on religion.


This artwork is a visualization of the existence of God. Olive trees grown in Maebashi were used as materials, and the photos were shot there. For me, religion is culture and a part of my identity. I attempted to express Christianity as an artist through artwork.


Gunma Pref.,Japan(2023)
mixed media


mixed media


Using cyanotype, one of the classical development techniques, this work is based on the crucifixion theme, a traditional Christian theme.


The work was created. in Assisi, Perugia, Umbria, Italy.This portrait is also created using the artist's body, focusing on the stigmata that appear on the crucified Christ's hands, feet, and body.


I've always felt a "fluctuating " identity between my Christianity and Japan's distinctive religious views. The white limbs floating in deep blue give the impression of a vivid, unrealistic ghostly figure. This work represents his own religious beliefs, memories, and the fluctuation of his identity.

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